A Letter from CCNL Executive Director Barry Slauenwhite

Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders:


James 1:5  has been a “go to” verse for me for all my ministry life. I am sure you have heard the platitude; “if you want knowledge go to college…but if you want wisdom, go to God.”  I heard it recently said that during this global pandemic the scarcest resource is not PPE such as masks and hand sanitizer, but good judgement! From our top politicians to our health care professionals it seems that we all have expected so much more from them. The truth is that everyone has been caught off guard by this plague in spit of the various warnings and historical facts.


There have been pandemics (Plagues) since before recorded history:

  • The first recorded pandemic was in 430 BC  and killed 2/3 of earth’s population

  • Then in AD 165 there was the Antonine Plague which scientists believe was smallpox

  • In AD 250 the Cyprian Plague reached all the way to Britain.

  • The highly contagious plague of Leprosy affected huge segments of early society

  • Black Death

  • Cholera

  • Measles

  • Spanish Flue

  • HIV / AIDS

  • SARS


These are some of the more dominant pandemics but it remains a truism that the greatest pandemic is the spread of human self-reliance and the unwillingness of humanity to humble themselves and seek help from the fountain of all knowledge and wisdom – God Almighty.


We are living in a time when even the church seems to look for answers from a wide range of sources. These are difficult days for the church and ministries and my prayer is that we, as leaders, will learn the spiritual art of “discernment” … knowing the mind of our Lord.


As faith leaders we are faced daily with the essential service of faith-building and helping others to see and hear God amid the volume of noises around us. May God give you the wisdom that James  1:5 promises when we are obedient to the Word of God.


At CCNL we are committed to the flourishing of the church and ministries here in London. During this pandemic I have had the privilege of meeting with many of you virtually as we pray together, share best practices and encourage one another in the faith. I’d love to have a virtual coffee over Zoom or grab my mask and meet you at an outdoor coffee spot. Drop me an email or text.


Be blessed




Barry Slauenwhite

Executive Director

Christian Churches Network of London